Booming Animal Health Care Business Down Under

A survey commissioned by a major pet food supplier down under revealed what many of us have known all along. That Australians are passionate with their pets. Sometimes even to the point of obsession, which is not entirely a bad thing particular for the animal care industry.As the survey revealed, Australians now more than ever are fixated on providing their pets with the best possible care available. This is due to their heightened awareness about animal health and wellness, which is a likely carry over from the widespread fitness trend in the country and across the globe.Aussies truly love to spoil their pets with products and services. Numbers from the survey indicate surprising facts about this. For instance, among recipients it was revealed that one in twenty Australians have set up a Facebook account solely for their pet. This is equivalent to 143,000 dogs and 121,000 cats with accounts on the popular social media network. If pets were resigned to sleep outside the house before, today pets have a fair share of the master bedroom real estate often sleeping next to their owners in bed.Among pet owners, a whopping 83% celebrate their dog’s birthday with about 25% of marking the occasion with a birthday cake. Meanwhile, 48% pay tribute to their pooches’ natal day with special doggie treats.
The surge of interest and disposable income towards the pet care is good news for those already working in the industry as well as for those who want to pursue a career in animal care. And, as in any industry, to keep ahead of the pack you need to be competitive with your skills and knowledge.To give you the advantage, check out animal courses available online. These classes are ideal for those who are presently working in the industry as animal attendants or veterinary assistants. The curriculum includes valuable lessons on common health problems that afflict family pets like dogs, cats, caged birds and even reptiles. In addition, learn about first aid for animals from understanding the different types of wounds on top of preventive health care practices. Pet owners themselves can benefit from enrolling in animal care courses in Sydney. The program would serve as a comprehensive guide to help pet owners understand and care for their pets better.The animal courses provide 24-hour online access with unlimited contact with the designated program tutor. Payment plans are also available, plus no extra cost is charged for exams related to the course.Register for animal courses today!

Cheap Animal Health Insurance – Why Cheap Animal Health Insurance is a Must For Your Pets

These days many people are looking forward to cheap animal health insurance. The primary reasons for buying insurance for your animals is to protect them from sudden illness, accidents, cover prescriptions drugs, animal hospitalization, surgery, x-rays, lab fees, cancer treatment, and any other medically necessary treatments your animals need. Research has shown that one in four pets are going to visit the veterinarian’s office each year for unexpected medical treatments.Cheap animal health insurance for pets can help in the regular maintenance of your pets and prepare you emotionally and financial to face any emergencies that might happen to your animals. These plans provide an air of convenience to the pet guardian, especially with the ever increasing medical costs. Most veterinarians prefer their fee’s to paid in full upfront. Just like we can’t afford to visit a doctor without insurance, so can’t our animal friends. We are talking about possibly shelling out thousands from our own pockets to cover the cost of surgeries or medications to help our animals.Cheap animal health insurance can be a wise option. Studies have shown that many pets owners do not have the money to pay for expensive medical cost for their animals. The average cost of a regular visit to the the vet is around $225. The cost for an emergency visit runs pet owners close to $1200.  This type of insurance is designed to meet the needs of pets, by providing quality care and medication, while not putting undue financial stress on the pet owner. It also provides the pet owners with a good night’s sleep, without worrying about the pet’s health and having to make decisions based purely on financial reason.Is discount pet health insurance always a better option? You should research and find out about more details like the claims process, the restrictions, deductible and most importantly the coverage of the insurance. There are number of insurance policies available, which are customizable according to the requirements of the pet owner. Select the one which suits you better.Cheap animal health insurance [] is the best deal for a family with multiple pets. The medical expenses are high with the more pets your own. You can keep your veterinary expenses under control with an insurance plan and also provide great health care for your pets. Many companies offer multiple pet discounts.Cheap animal health plans are also available for different kinds of pets like Amphibians, Chameleons, Chinchillas, Goats, Geckos, Hamsters, Lizards, Mice, Rabbits, Tortoises, Snakes, etc. The coverage is not different from the other pets.